When love came first to earth, the Spring spread rose beds to receive him.
Roses are the epitome of beauty, from their dazzling color combinations and their sweet scent to their rows of delicate petals.

Welcome to our family!

We are the Santin family and we give you a warm welcome and invite you to experience the most beautiful roses in the world.

We are a tightly knit family, proud carriers of the special and secret knowledge and passion of roses, innately inherited through generations. We value and delight ourselves in our parent’s heritage and knowledge of rose breeding and cultivation. It is in our genes and our blood. The need to create the most beautiful yet divinely striking roses in the world.

Mountains of Ecuador

Our roses are the product of love and passion. Their beauty, colours and smell as well as striking resilience speak for themselves. Our roses stimulate and transcend all five senses. Taking you on a total sense enriching, soul lifting, life enhancing experience.

Our location is a privilege and a real rose paradise, a jewel in the Equator. Found in the heart of Ecuador, exactly in the middle of the world. The number 1 producer of roses in the world. The conditions are optimum and extremely enriching fortifying and supporting for rose production.

We first settled in the beautiful fertile area of Tabacundo around 20 years ago after studying and looking for the perfect conditions and requirements for the growth of our roses. Tabacundo is located in the north of Ecuador 2877 metres above sea level.

Ecuador Birds

Ecuador is famous for its roses. Everything was carefully considered, from the rich compositions of the soil, perfect eternal springtime conditions of an average of 15 degrees celsius all year round, amongst other scientific, environmental and geological factors. Not forgetting the geographic location with regards to the optimum altitude and latitude. Thanks to total care of our roses from bud to bloom the product is of the highest quality with regards to duration, colour, aroma, size and beauty and we are proud to show you our captivating varieties.

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