Dyed Roses


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Known as our pink emerald, this rose has a powerful visual effect. With its multi layered ombre effect. Is a true expression of radiating divine true sweet love. This rose is perfect for someone you love. Gift it now to express your unconditional love and bring love and sweetness into your life.


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This rose captures the essence of the preciousness of love. The colours are regally expressive stimulating love and passion while energising the soul. Rhodochrosite, its sister gemstone opens the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook. We think this rose does exactly that with the burst of pink and that refined touch of golden radiating to the world.


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The inspiration behind this iridescent and mysteriously gorgeous rose lies in history. This gorgeous and enigmatic rose was inspired by the lapis lazuli stone. A precious jewel with deep royal colours documented for adorning many talismans in various cultures. It adds a touch of royalty and regalness to any occasion. A perfect gift for someone you wish to see shine.


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Azurite carries a deep pure blue brightness. It holds the colour energy of the sky. It signifies the start of life and emotion. It can ignite trust and serenity in any place. It is said that for any home, person, event or occasion this blue rose brings trust, faith and patience just like its sister gemstone.


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Kunzite are lovely pure heart based roses that encourage the energy of love to fill your life radiating decorative and emotional vibrancy. They ignite purity and truth from the center and a deep pink outer layer protects the central bud lovingly and beautifully.

Qus Almatar

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This rose is specially colorful and vibrant! It’s the full expression of joy, happiness and freedom. Every colour sends off a message of youthful energy and vivacity. If you are looking for a special gift, full of meaning and colour. Ready to brighten up any occasion or event.


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Want to surprise someone with a very particular rose that encapsulates joy, celebration, jubilation and excitement. Gift this beautiful rare rose, full of saturated greens and striking beauty

Ocean Topaz

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Takes elegance to another level with a vibrant kaleidoscope of colours to express every emotion and type of occasion. It shines like a vibrant jewel, a precious gift for any special moment.


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The gift of the rainbow rose, signifies a joyful and triumphant celebration. Absolutely perfect for any occasion, event or moment. The rainbow rose is a favourite amongst the most vividly expressive and allows you to express your emotions through a rose.Santino flowers guarantees High Quality Flowers: big blooms, strong stems and long life in vase.

Santino Flowers

We are a tightly knit family, proud carriers of the special and secret knowledge and passion of roses, innately inherited through generations. We value and delight ourselves in our parent’s heritage and knowledge of rose breeding and cultivation. It is in our genes and our blood.


子的陰莖勃起,其實質是身體對性刺激作出的反應。我們將它稱之為“身體喚起反應”。 威而鋼藍色幻想和麵潮紅的副作用;但仍有頭微感不適為主要副作用。



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