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Hot Explorer

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Hot Explorer is an exclusive variety of roses with a vibrant hot pink, perfect to VIP events: Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday, Graduation and all Special Event.
Santino flowers guarantees High Quality Flowers: big blooms, strong stems and long life in vase.


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Explorer is romantic, sophisticated, and sensual. The color of its petals, which seem like velvet, is an intense crimson that shades off to a darker tone. A red flower with a strong personality, undoubtedly this Santino rose took after the soil where it was created, in both color and temperament. Keep the explorer in you alive, it will take you to your destination!


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Named after a town on the south coast of England, Brighton is beautiful like the sun which daily enlightens our day with its rays. With bright yellow color and shape of its corolla that seems like a spiral of silk ribbons, this Rosaprima rose is an overpowering beauty, able to make strong emotions explode.


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The beauty permeated in its pure white colour, is an invitation to fly with your imagination, with endless possibilities of decoration it fills any moment with peace and beauty.


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This rose is a novelty to our collection, a true treasure with a bicolour expression of white and red. This treasure is ideal for those unforgettable occasions, to adorn special moments with the family. Ideal for graduations, and other special family events.

Santino Flowers

We are a tightly knit family, proud carriers of the special and secret knowledge and passion of roses, innately inherited through generations. We value and delight ourselves in our parent’s heritage and knowledge of rose breeding and cultivation. It is in our genes and our blood.


子的陰莖勃起,其實質是身體對性刺激作出的反應。我們將它稱之為“身體喚起反應”。 威而鋼藍色幻想和麵潮紅的副作用;但仍有頭微感不適為主要副作用。



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