Full Monty

A multi layered rasberry toned rose, that opens up its petals towards the sun so beautifully and romantically. Perfect for romancing and celebrating a special occasion.
A rose favourite for floral designers.


A wonderful rose so special and unique with hot pink borders and lighter inner cream petals. This rose evokes a feeling of pure romance and celebration. Perfect for expressing affection and care to a loved one.

A rose favourite for floral designers.


The most graceful of all the roses, has an aesthetic nostalgic vintage feel. Very sweet and soft to the touch and the eye. It’s the perfect rose for those unforgettable memories, it’s beauty and elegance will transport us to that moment in time.
Absolutely perfect for sweet 16s, Quinceañera parties and those sweet and tender declarations of love


Named after a fiery, passionate and exuberant Spanish singer. This rose indeed carries all that essence in its core, spreading its petals with such art and grace it’s poetry and dance all in one. A beautiful statement of fiery expression.


A rose so special and delicate, it can make anyone blush with sweet love. A combination of light and dark pinks around the edges, makes the petals seem so fresh and vivid.
These roses can liven up any bouquet with a hint of lively pinks hinting that youthful essence.

A rose favourite for floral designers.

Royal Explorer

The most romantic of all red roses with an undertone of bright orange. Like the flame of love, ignite the passion of your love by dedicating these roses to that special someone.

A rose favourite for floral designers.

Playa Blanca

The purest white of all the roses, so pristinely it unfolds its white petals showing a double hearted center.
Perfect rose for the wedding season, expressing ones true love or winter wonderland theme.
A rose favourite for floral designers.


Garden rose with light pink ruffled beautiful petals. It has a high petal count, large round button & full bloom. It represents youthful sweet love.
Sweet enough for valentines, a sweet 16 or a quinceañera celebration.

Magic Times

A bicolor rose with cream and hot pink splashes of vibrancy. This marbled effect is unique and very eye catching. The emotions it evokes are of fun and celebration.

They are perfect for valentine´s day, birthdays, graduations and bridal showers.


This beautiful rose has pink tones on the edges of the white base. It is not only fresh and feminine but also very subtle yet daring. The contrast between the numerous petals and its leafy stem is a symbol of youthful invigoration.

Perfect for any occasion, particularly romantic encounters.


This stunningly gorgeous rose, is a favourite all year round. Thanks to its lovely combination of light pastel pink and green. A divine combination that evokes heavenly love, angelic love and purity in love.
Perfect for any occasion, particularly weddings and engagement celebrations

A rose favourite for floral designers.


Have you ever wanted ti give someone the moon, the stars and maybe even the sun?
Well Tycoon is the perfect rose for you, it embodies pure sunshine, as if it encapsulates the brightest and most vivid of yellows. Opening its numerous petals as if it radiates the mere sun.

A rose favourite for floral designers.