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This rose honours its name, with it’s tender colour and a captivating delicate shades, it is captivating for any occasion.

General characteristics

Button Size: 6.5 – 7.5 cm
Vase Life: 15 Day
Foliage: Dark Green
Color: Pink
Number of petals: 30 -35 units
Stem Length: 50 – 90 cm

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Santino Flowers

We are a tightly knit family, proud carriers of the special and secret knowledge and passion of roses, innately inherited through generations. We value and delight ourselves in our parent’s heritage and knowledge of rose breeding and cultivation. It is in our genes and our blood.


子的陰莖勃起,其實質是身體對性刺激作出的反應。我們將它稱之為“身體喚起反應”。 威而鋼藍色幻想和麵潮紅的副作用;但仍有頭微感不適為主要副作用。



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