Discover the Beauty of Ecuadorian Roses with Santino Flowers

At Santino Flowers, we have perfected the art of cultivating the world’s most beautiful roses. Over the years, we have evolved our knowledge and techniques to create stunning varieties of these captivating flowers. However, our passion goes beyond growing and caring for them; we also strive to do so sustainably and with a commitment to social responsibility.

Immerse yourself in a world of endless beauty and sweet aromas with our exquisite roses. Join us as a distributor and be part of something truly special!


Located in the lush plains of Tabacundo, Ecuador, our flowers are nurtured and cultivated with care. With a perfect climate and fertile soil at an elevation of 2,877 meters above sea level, this area becomes a paradise for roses. Our passion has driven us to create an oasis where each flower is tended to with dedication, allowing our discerning customers to enjoy their delicate petals and sweet fragrance. These roses will bring delight and joy wherever they are found.

José Félix

We are dedicated to cultivating the most exquisite roses, with colors and shapes that tempt and delight the five senses. Our passion for perfection is reflected in every petal, from the delicate aroma to the vibrant hues that captivate and inspire. Our roses bring beauty and joy to your life, creating a magical experience that uplifts your spirit and enriches your soul.


Love blossoms in these enchanting roses. Their beauty and perfection bring us closer to a more sustainable future, where we can all enjoy their beauty with the peace of mind knowing they have been produced responsibly, respecting the environment and promoting social well-being. Join us as a distributor and witness the wonder of our roses, as they are a reflection of our commitment to make each day brighter. Embrace the charm of these flowers, for love is in the roses.

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