The Lola® rose is a charming vision, radiating a delightful blend of deep purple and intense pink. Its mysterious beauty stirs the soul, awakening feelings of passion and awe. This exquisite flower exudes an air of sophistication, adorning any setting with its delicate allure. Its captivating aura lingers long after it’s gone, creating lasting memories in its wake. The Lola® rose is a symbol of grace and elegance, enchanting all who behold it with its fascinating charm. Let yourself be captivated by the mesmerizing allure of this flower of unmatched beauty.

Some characteristics

  • 🌹 Button size: 5,5 – 6 centimeters
  • 💐 Vase Life: 12 - 14 days
  • 🌿 Stem Length: 40 - 80 centimeters
  • 🌹 Number of petals: 35- 40 petals

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