In the kingdom of flowers, a delicate rose unfurls its captivating charm, exuding sweetness with every perfumed sigh. Its petals, like gentle strokes of pale pink and cream, breathe life into compositions brimming with grace and elegance. While its humble presence positions it as a secondary flower, its exquisite size makes it a coveted treasure for intimate posies and projects seeking subtlety. Discover the power of this enchanting rose and unleash your creativity, allowing its essence to inspire floral creations filled with harmony and splendor.

Some characteristics

  • 🌹 Button size: 6,5 - 7 centimeters
  • 💐 Vase Life: 12 - 15 days
  • 🌿 Stem Length: 50 - 90 centimeters
  • 🌹 Number of petals: 45- 48 petals

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