Sweet Unique

The Sweet Unique rose, with its purity and delicacy, captivates the senses with its radiant white color and subtle hints of cream and pink on the edges of its petals. This rose evokes emotions of tenderness, innocence, and eternal love. Its combination of colors conveys harmony and softness, creating an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The Sweet Unique rose is perfect for romantic celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries, where it can be used in bridal bouquets, floral arrangements, and centerpieces, adding an unmatched touch of beauty and romance. Let this sublime rose become the eternal symbol of your love and bring a touch of timeless elegance to your special moments.

Some characteristics

  • 🌹 Button size: 5,5 – 6,5 centimeters
  • 💐 Vase Life: 12 - 14 days
  • 🌿 Stem Length: 40 - 70 centimeters
  • 🌹 Number of petals: 42 petals

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