Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd rose is a captivating masterpiece of nature, radiating with intense pink that evokes energy and passion. Its vibrant pink color exudes vitality and creativity, creating a stunning visual impact. Its sleek and elegant shape captivates the gaze, while its exquisite, generously-sized bloom adds a touch of opulence to floral arrangements. This exceptional rose is perfect for those who desire to create floral displays that won’t go unnoticed, leaving a lasting impression and seducing the senses with its sophisticated elegance.

Some characteristics

  • 🌹 Button size: 5,5 - 6 centimeters
  • 💐 Vase Life: 12 - 14 days
  • 🌿 Stem Length: 40 - 70 centimeters
  • 🌹 Number of petals: 42 petals

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