The Pomarosa rose in Light Pink hue is a beautiful expression of softness and delicacy. Its light pink color evokes feelings of tenderness and serenity, conveying a sense of calm and peace. This rose embodies elegance and sophistication in its form and structure, making it the perfect centerpiece for romantic and emotive floral arrangements. Its presence in weddings and special events brings a touch of refinement and beauty, while in moments of joy and celebration, its gentle light pink shade adds a hint of sweetness and happiness. Allow yourself to be captivated by the enchanting Pomarosa and let it inspire floral creations full of emotion and elegance.

Some characteristics

  • 🌹 Button size: 7 – 7,5 centimeters
  • 💐 Vase Life: 14 - 16 days
  • 🌿 Stem Length: 40 - 90 centimeters
  • 🌹 Number of petals: 40 petals

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